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TBF Environmental Technology Inc.

Develops, manufacturers and markets environmentally friendly petrochemical solvents which contain zero or minimal volatile organic compounds, allowing manufacturers of coatings, adhesives, polymers, etc. to reduce toxic emissions and comply with ever-tightening environmental regulations.

2013 – 2016.  Chief Executive Officer.  Co-founded company, oversaw the development and commercialization of six new solvents, granted 2 patents, oversaw development of sales and distribution networks which captured  over 30 companies  and built a multi-million dollar pipeline including several world wide brands. Built and managed supply networks in South Asia. Raised several rounds of angel financing, and achieved these milestones over 3 years spending $1.5M Cdn in equity and using $800K US in debt.


Clevest Solutions Inc.

Software company developing, implementing and servicing solutions to simplify Smart Grid deployments for utilities.

2010 – 2012. Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary. Manage finance, treasury, accounting, legal, acquisitions, MIS and administration functions.Initiated and led strategic review to position company for rapid growth.Led acquisition of highly profitable business unit adding 40% to revenues.

"David brings a wealth of wisdom and experience which is helping me to transition the company from a founder-driven start-up to a professional and rapidly-growing company.”  – Thomas Ligocki, co-Founder and CEO.


HyPoD Systems Inc.

Premium hydrogen start-up opportunity.

2007. Wrote business plan to spin-out and commercialize a nascent technology for the generation of high-purity hydrogen for small fuel-cell applications. One of 3 co-founders of company attempting to negotiate technology license agreement on terms acceptable to investors.


Circon Systems Corporation
(now Efficient Building Automation)

Building energy management.

2007 – 2008. Performed strategic analysis predicting significant shifts in building energy management industry in response to climate change. Interviewed industry players, researched extensively and drafted business plan.

"David's leadership in thoroughly analyzing the imminent change in our industry allowed Circon to position itself as a first mover in the trend to energy management. It is a major step forward."  – John Diack, CEO.

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Questor Industries Inc.
(acquired by Xebec)

Developer and manufacturer of gas separation and purification systems.

1996 – 1998. Wrote business plan and negotiated a $5 million equity financing in 3 stages involving two venture capital investors and a multi-billion dollar strategic partner. Served as part-time CFO through transition to fully-functional company.

"David's experience and dogged determination over many months was critical in completing this complex venture financing and strategic partnership. David spared no effort."  —Carl Hunter, co-Founder.