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Strategic Catalysts Inc.
Strategic and Financial Advisors to Technology Companies
David W. Rowat

David W. Rowat has been Founder and CEO of a tech start-up and previously been CEO, CFO, and COO of public and private companies, both as a full-time employee and on contract through Strategic Catalysts Inc.

David has managed finance, operations, administration, and marketing, raised public and private financing, negotiated M&A deals, and managed Boards as Corporate Secretary.

Most importantly, he has been chief strategic advisor and sounding board to many CEOs.

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604.240.0061 (direct)

SRED Refund Applications

Axxiton Consulting Inc.Axxiton Consulting Inc.
Axxiton is experienced with Canadian government incentive programs such as NRC/IRAP and SR&ED.  Companies sometimes experience difficulty with SR&ED because their engineers and developers are not always fully supportive of the claim process.  Accounting firms miss SR&ED claim opportunities because they are not knowledgeable about the technologies involved and therefore cannot assess the technical validity of projects and activities claimed.  Axxiton helps both parties.  Furthermore, Axxiton can help you establish processes so that your SR&ED claim becomes a natural part of your operations.

Recommended contact:  Bill Dorfmann <>

Revenue Services GroupRevenue Services Group (RSG)
Revenue Services Group is Western Canada's largest and fastest growing SR&ED-focused professional services firm.  Their SR&ED teams are comprised of SR&ED experts with advanced degrees and extensive experience in product development, finance, tax, and SR&ED Claim development.

Recommended contact:  Glenn Roy <>

Technology IncentivesTechnology Incentives
Technology Incenties are SR&ED specialists who provide consulting services to companies that need to complete T2 forms in a manner that maximizes their SR&ED returns.  Technology Incentives keeps up-to-date with changes in Canada Revenue Agency's internal policies and knows how they will effect you.

Recommended contact:  Richard Moore <>


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