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Canada Line Rapid Transit Project (CLCO)

CLCO was the public-sector special purpose agency responsible for procuring a private partner to design, build, finance and operate a rail rapid transit line connecting Vancouver, Richmond, and the Airport, from 2002-05, and managed the obligations of the public sector in the construction of the Canada Line from 2005-2010.

  • Officer and senior member of management team which closed $1.9 Billion Concession Agreement and $1.3 Billion financing involving 5 government agencies.
  • As Procurement Manager, managed RFP process and communication with bidders.
  • Developed risk management plan and quantified risk registry from scratch to calculate public sector contingency.
  • Wrote multi-volume project report justifying federal funding of $450 million.
  • Developed reporting and payment procedures enabling pre-payment of federal contributions. Established multi-lateral Steering Committee overseeing federal contribution.
  • Prepared files and processes for Sarbanes-Oxley style federal compliance audit.
  • Developed Code of Conduct.