Strategic Catalysts Inc.

Strategic and Financial Advisors to Technology Companies

Sales and Marketing

Important photos and graphics 072, Inc.

Developed and provided online technical support for personal computers.

1999 – 2001. Direct customer sales. Reviewed marketing collateral for consistency of message and fit with strategic plan. Reviewed product pricing and margin decisions. Co-negotiated major agreements and reviewed all customer contracts.
"For a CFO, David has an uncanny understanding of sales and marketing."— Bruno Hoffman, VP Sales.
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Merit Technologies Corp.
(now Systech Retail Systems)

Developer and manufacturer of customized point-of-sale workstations.

1995. As CEO, directly managed four sales professionals generating $8.0 million in revenue.
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Nexus Group of Companies
(acquired by Scientific Atlanta)

Designed, manufactured and marketed cable TV headend products, and held interests in other electronic manufacturing start-ups.

1986 – 92. Managed largest account generating one-third to one-half of company revenues. Negotiated two 3-year supply agreements worth $20.0 million in total revenues.
1989: Negotiated strategic development and marketing partnership with a cable TV technology giant.
1987: Managed fifteen person sales team selling to 60 nations.